The 5 Elite Things to Know Before a Flooring Installation

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Tulsa Flooring Installation

Ready for Tulsa Flooring Installation ? Flooring installation can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re getting into, but it’s not as bad as you think! The Elite Flooring Installation team is here for all your Flooring needs. Check out the 5 essential things that every Tulsa Flooring Installer should do before working on your project. Flooring Installation is a great way to refresh and redo your floors for the summer.

Here are some additional questions to ask when hiring a Tulsa flooring installation contractor:

1. Is your contractor qualified and insured?

You need to know that your contractor is protected in case something goes wrong. Unanticipated things can happen, for example, someone inadvertently bursting a pipe and causing flooding or machinery catching fire.,

The contractor is required to include their license number on the business card. You can check this out online or by contacting your local consumer protection agency and make sure that it’s up-to-date! Not everyone has money for renewing these days so be wary of them as well. For years, Oklahoma Floor Pro has supplied the flooring solutions you require. We provide continuous maintenance of your flooring to ensure they stay beautiful and in excellent shape for a long time. All of our experts have valid licenses, and the rest will not require any more convincing about their abilities for this task.

2. A consequence – are you qualified and covered to do the job?

So, you must have a contractor license, but there is also a plumbing license and an electrical license to go with it. So, if you’re installing flooring, that’s one thing. If you are working on a kitchen, be sure that whoever disconnects water and gas lines is a licensed plumber. (imagine what a disaster it could be if you have an unlicensed plumber reconnect a gas line improperly). Now, With Oklahoma Floor Pro you wont have that issue, all of our specialists have their license, and the rest are you won’t have to question their credentials for the job.

 3. Check internet reviews as well:

In our experience, it is important to have at least three references. You can get these by calling them or online and checking Angie’s List for reviews on the Tulsa Flooring Installation contractor you are thinking about using before making any decisions with them in regards to a project they may be offering services to! We at Oklahoma Floor Pro have reviews t back the quality we produce. Our clients are happy with the quality of our flooring installation and, as a result, they return. This indicates that we have truly won their trust and affection in terms of quality.

4. Ask your contractor how long the work will take.

Not only will this help you understand the downtime for your place, but it’s likely to elicit some of those things that could go wrong as well as preparations you may need to make on your end.

Also, ask the contractor about their availability to start. And, be sure to understand the lead times (e.g., for product to be ordered/delivered and acclimated). Also, make sure you know how the project will progress – will they be there each day or skip days (note: some days may be needed for drying time, and many contractors don’t work on Sundays). The owner of Oklahoma Floor Pro must prioritize the project deadlines. They want to make sure that their customers have an enjoyable experience with their new flooring immediately after installation.

5. Ask your builder how they’ll keep dust out of the finished product and how they’ll clean up afterward.

There are numerous methods to keep dust, so it’s better to ask upfront rather than later. Make sure your flooring contractor adds plastic around the unmoved parts of the room and that drapes, chandeliers and appliances are protected. double-check that they’ll clean up after themselves. Oklahoma Floor Pros ensures a quality job. The mission of Oklahoma Floor Pro Operate is to provide the finest quality service possible. We endeavor to leave the area better than we found it, which includes ensuring that we are not only here for the task and depart but that we also complete the task from A-Z.

Conclusion – Asking Important Questions to a Flooring Contractor

Hopefully, these tips will help make you confident when you’re hiring Oklahoma Floor Professional flooring contractor, and they will blow your mind when you see the finished result of your Flooring installation.