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Is Vinyl or Laminate Flooring Better?

Laminate And Vinyl Flooring Tulsa

Vinyl Flooring VS. Laminate Flooring

A lot of people don’t actually understand that vinyl flooring and laminate flooring aren’t the exact same. While there are similarities, there are some very important differences as well. Here at Oklahoma Floor Pros we install both, but we want to provide this quick guide to help you choose the flooring that is best for you!

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is resilient as a result of its capacity to expand and contract. Thus, it can be installed in any room of the house. Vinyl Flooring is also very affordable and very popular because of it’s versatility and cost-effectiveness. It is one of the few types of flooring that you can call truly water-proof, not just water-resistant. Vinyl Flooring doesn’t require a sealant but is advised for high-moisture areas for an extra layer of protection. It is an impossible task to beat vinyl flooring in the region of moisture resistance. Newer vinyl flooring may also be grouted to provide the appearance of an actual tile floor.

Sheet vinyl comes in big rolls and is problematic for homeowners to install because it’s so unwieldy and so tricky to shape around obstructions. It comes on a large roll, similar to linoleum flooring. It may come with different patterns to give the look of tile or stone and may also have borders inlaid into the pattern. Wood-look vinyl plank flooring is also available in many different distinct colors and styles. Luxury vinyl flooring (note the term luxury) has come a very long way in the previous few decades.

There are two kinds of vinyl flooring, and the type you choose will affect its lifespan. Generally, it is less expensive than laminate, and any associated labor costs for installation also tend to be lower. Vinyl plank flooring is offered in several lengths and widths. It is one of the easiest floors to clean. There are two methods to install vinyl plank flooring, based on the type that you purchase.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring employs wood content. It is available in many different patterns which can resemble different woods or even ceramic tile. It is slightly more expensive than vinyl. It does not require waxing. It is made to look like hardwood, but unlike hardwood, it does not improve the resale value of the home where it is installed. 

Laminate Flooring might be more durable than hardwood, but it can’t be refinished like hardwood. When comparing both varieties of flooring, laminate flooring is the winner in regards to comfort as it has a pad layer. On the flip side, you shouldn’t expose laminate Flooring to water. This limits its use in bathrooms, kitchens, or any area prone to moisture. This also limits options for cleaning Laminate flooring is superior when it comes to fading though, as the sun and time effect it less than vinyl.

In Conclusion

Laminate Flooring is an excellent mid-priced flooring option but there are occasions when a more expensive hardwood floor or a less expensive vinyl floor may be a better match for your residence.  Laminate Flooring is better to install in climate-controlled locations. Laminate Flooring  are created from a kind of recycled wood that is usually known as high-density fiberboard (HDF). Laminate supplies a similar appearance to hardwood at a far lower price point. Whether you’re searching for an all-natural stone-style laminate Flooring for your bathroom or a wood grain-style for your kitchen, we will help you to find options that are absolutely breathtaking.

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Laminate And Vinyl Flooring Tulsa
Laminate And Vinyl Flooring
Laminate And Vinyl Flooring Tulsa
Laminate And Vinyl Flooring Tulsa

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